Summary of key learning points/ exercises

In Assignment 3 – Colour Me, I initially fell into a bit of a clichéd trap when trying to say something about my chosen colour namely Red. I got very tied up in trying to convey red in a way that would be apparent to people – things like love, danger, passion etc. I generated various solutions including a red montage with lips, dress etc but after feedback from my tutor I revisited the assignment and experimented with an earlier idea of having a collection of red objects. My photography and layout skills were put to the test here. I had some difficulty in producing an interesting composition of my red objects but with some perseverance I think I managed to settle on an image which fulfilled the brief , was quite striking and could be used for a poster.

The Typography Assignment 4 was by far the project which I found most enjoyable. I’ve become really interested in all forms of lettering and Type and tried to explore various options for creating the mastheader for the magazine. I enjoyed the sketchbook stage and was able to generate a lot of ideas however I had an idea in my head of the sort of style I was aiming for. Initially the letters were spread over two lines on my final masthead, however after some feedback from my tutor I decided that it looked more striking on one line centred on the page. I enjoyed experimenting with the letterforms and think this exercise really improved my ability to deal with Type.

I was pleased with the solutions I generated for the Photomontage exercise and tried to bring some humour to a sensitive topic using a selection of images from the web and I think the sketchbook brainstorming I did around this exercise really helped.

The understanding colour assignments and abstract cities were really useful to explore different colour combinations to represent concepts. This increased my confidence working with colour and from this point I paid more attention to colour combinations/ palettes in my designs. It also helped in creating my version of an alternative symbol for love as I used Red and Purple in my final design.

Reflecting on assignments such as the book cover one I think that a simple Photograph could be very effective however the solution I came up with for this exercise was also quite appropriate but I’m aware that a Photograph to intrigue the reader or convey some tone about the book could have great effect. I was able to take this forward to the final Assignment 5 on my Photographs front cover where I used a blurry party shot to reflect the modern enthusiasm with picture taking which often results in somewhat interesting shots!

Assignment 5 built about all my skills as I tried to create a series of covers which worked well as a series yet remained relevant to the different design topics they represented. I reworked my designs after my tutor feedback and this was a key turning point where I stripped back my ideas to create cleaner, simpler designs which appeal to the young audience they are intended for, yet also have a sophistication which would appeal to adults and attract attention.

Overall, I’m pleased with my progress on the module and think it has provided me with a good set of skills which I hope to now develop as I move forward in further study with the OCA.



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