A little self promotion

I decided that to present my work I wanted to come up with a logo/ identity.

As I’ve mentioned I’ve enrolled in Skillshare classes and am keen to keep developing my skills in Illustrator and with type so started a few classes on creating lettering. I must admit this particular class wasn’t the easiest to keep up with and it was only once I started I realised it was actually classed as an Advanced Experience Class which obviously I’m not .

I was keen to use the pen tool and create curves which is no easy task and I found it easier to trial ideas in my sketchbook first thinking about the shapes I wanted to create. I then scanned to Illustrator and went over with the pen tool creating the various fills and strokes.

I was taking influence from Jessica Hische a great lettering artist and Marion Bantjes and wanted to have some curves and calligraphy influences to my logo.

I later went back and decided to condenense it slightly by moving the “L” in nearer the other letters and changing the curves/ swirl embellishments. Overall, I’m fairly happy with it for being very new to creating letters in Illustrator but I found it really enjoyable and really want to trial out more ideas in this way.


I thought this was my final version but I later refined it

ideas page lep original


lep finalLEP Clean-01


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