21. Birthday List

This exercise involved developing an alternative way of recording your friends birthdays. My first example I kept it relatively straightforward and with the months and the dates on the left and the different options for presents etc. The second version below I decided I wanted to record more information for ideas so included an additional text box and highlighted the months by adding drop caps to the beginning of the word. I know these aren’t overally adventurous but for me this sort of layout gets the info across and is clear to read.I highlighted the titles in different colours and fonts and think it would look quite neat on my noticeboard.

I considering doing a sort of circle or shape layout but for me that wouldn’t draw my attention to the various birthdays throughout the year.

Birthday list3pdf

BIrthday List 2 indd

Sample pdfs with check boxes

BIrthday List 2 indd

Birthday list3pdf

Birthday list2

Birthday list


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