23. Chance housing association

This exercise involves creating a letterhead and business card for a housing association. I’ve always truly loved stationery so was quite looking forward to this exercise and considering logos and suitable type.

I started by looking at some examples of housing association/ estate agent logos to think about the sort of logos they use.

I then went on to looking at letterheads and logos in general which I thought would be really useful to get an idea of the layout and content ie how much info is included. My current work place have their own letterheads and printed reply slip and I considered the layout and elements of this too. I must admit I really enjoyed looking at branding and felt that I actually had to stop as I was becoming somewhat inundated with branding , logos and letterheads and felt I had to focus on this particular project.

Logo mood board looking at some more independent style company logos that aren't as well known to me. Some really clever ideas. Like the ones by Louise Fili a graphic designer/ typographer all handlettered

Logo mood board looking at some more independent style company logos that aren’t as well known to me. Some really clever ideas. Like the ones by Louise Fili a graphic designer/ typographer all handlettered

Very recognisable logos

Very recognisable logos



Link to my pinterest boards http://www.pinterest.com/lpatri11/stationery-letterheads-and-business-cards/


Letterheads and business cards housing research board

Letterhead and business card mood board – looking at layout of elements and logo ideas in general

With this in mine I used my sketchbook to try various logo designs using typography with shape thinking about using the whole company name or just having a monogram style and then having the “Chance Housing Association” as a separate entity.



I really enjoyed this process and came up with a good number of potential ideas which I could show to the client.  Bearing in mind the Housing Association is trying to be seen as different , young, modern helpful etc I wanted something a bit edgier than a traditional design. Looking at the designs above it was tempting to do something with a house shape but I wanted to try see if I could push this a bit.

I selected a few of my favourite/ potential ideas and moved to Illustrator to experiment. I also selected some fonts to work with including Felix and Adam and a very angular one called Nougatine.

I went onto mock up various letterheads and business cards with the two designs I felt were most successful – one with the CHA logo spaced out abstractedly the other in a horizontal line. I also tried the newspaper article in black and white and while the colour definition is’t quite as apparent I do still think the logo stands out. I chose a green colour scheme with a few different shades and an orange which I thought looked quite fresh.

I showed my initial sketches and my final ones to my mum and dad. My mum much preferred the horizontal CHA logo with the type underneath whereas my dad preferred the other one. I’m going to see what my tutors feedback is on this assingment and then hopefully further refine my work. I think its always good for feedback and I think that whilst a lot of design decisions are your own choice I thin its good for feedback along the way to inform your choices and a lot can come down to personal choice and what the client has in mind.

Looking back now I’m thinking already that a lot of my sketchbook ideas had some promise too like creating an almost monogram style CHA logo in a circle – however without trying out every idea and involving the client the possibilities can sometimes be endless and involves making a call as a designer what route to go down. I particularly enjoyed looking at stationery design and found the process enjoyable.






letterhead colour




envelope 2


Reverse business card corners







Bibilography/ sites for reference

Kerr Vernon 2014 http://www.kerrvernon.co.uk/

The Shine Agency2014 http://www.theshineagency.com/Branding.php

Freytag Anderson 2014 The Fableists. [Online] Available from: http://www.freytaganderson.com/work/the-fableists [Accessed: 15th March 2014]

Blog Spoon Graphics 2014 40 Must See Stationery Designs for Print Inspiration. [Online] Available from : http://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/articles/40-must-see-stationery-designs-for-print-inspiration [Accessed: 17th March 2014]

You the designer 2014 83 Crazy Beautiful Letterhead and logo designs. [Online] Available from http://www.youthedesigner.com/2009/12/22/83-crazy-beautiful-letterhead-logo-designs/ [Accessed: 17th March 2014]

Creative Blog November 2012 Design a stunning letterhead 10 Expert Tips [Online] Available from http://www.creativebloq.com/graphic-design/letterheads-tips-11121378 [Accessed: 2nd April 2014]


Design Sponge 2014 Best of the National Stationery Awards [Online] http://www.designsponge.com/2013/05/15-cards-that-keep-it-real-best-of-the-national-stationery-show.html [Accessed 2nd May 2014]

After tutor feedback

I decided to take on board my tutors advice and slightly revise the shape of the letterforms as the current ones were conjuring up images of tents , building and houses on their sides which perhaps wouldn’t be the best association for a reputable Housing Association!

The CHA had to work as both a decorative shape and also a letterform. I tried to make the form of the letters chunkier constructing these out of basic shapes in illustrator. I also altered the colour scheme slightly to make it stand out more and provide more contrast. I think these examples work a lot better. I did consider adding a baseline for the letters to sit on but I think this takes away from the solid shape. I also slightly altered the font using bold to provide some hierarchy between the different address/ contact info components.





Business card info side

Business card info side

Business card side 2

Business card side 2


CHA envelope


Chance newspaper ad

Black and white advert



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