24. The French Hen

This exercise asked us to design a new logo/ brand id for a new bistro bar named the French hen.

I started my research by doing some research into logo designs . I found the following article which proved really useful. Aspects such as keeping it simple, think about the meaning of the logo and that the logo design doesn’t necessarily need to show the companys product are all relatively simple ideas and sound advice.

Creative bloq 2014 http://www.creativebloq.com/graphic-design/pro-guide-logo-design-21221 [Accessed: March 2014]

I decided to create some mood boards with logos I liked and think but was conscious not to go overboard as there are so many logos out there for every kind of company, product etc so I choose ones which appealed and might prove useful for this assignment.

I also thought this was pretty useful. I was also conscious to try not be too cliched (see Red example 🙂 ) and think about the Red Hen being something other than a hen with some red text yet still obviously try and represent the company.



Logo design tips

I came across the work of http://www.stevenbonner.com/ and really like his fonts and typography.

This was also really worth a look on logo types http://www.creativebloq.com/logo-design/typographic-3132206

Accessed 19th March 2014

From my research I had decided I’d probably use an existing typeface in my logo for technical accuracy and the fact that there are so many which I think might be suitable. Also, I was aware that the logo has to be quite timeless and I didn’t want to have an overly gimmicky or hand rendered font for this reason ( I don’t think my font creation skills are quite at that level yet!)

Other things I was thinking

– Colour palettes – I decided I really should look out for interesting colour palettes I like in general and not just for the purpose of this exercise but decided that a relatively limited palette would probably be best. Linked with this I was thinking about the association of different colours in logo design and came across numerous articles including the one below.

I was aware that sticking to one or two colours would probably be best and that I would want to test any logo protypes in black and white.

How to choose logo colours post http://www.creativebloq.com/logo-design/choose-colours-8133973 Accessed March 2014

The French Hen  is trying to attract youngish females and males and should be quite contemporary and get away from the binge drinking culture associated with a lot of establishments. I think initial thoughts of something called The French Hen are almost country cottage like with pictures of hens and gingham so I didn’t want to go down that route.

I was also thinking about the use of image and whether a hen would be totally cliched or if I could update this a bit.

logo mood board

logo mood board

I sketched out some ideas in my sketchbook to get an idea of the sort of fonts I’d want to look out for.



I was thinking about image and association and thought maybe a feather rather than a hen could work as its a bit more flirty than a picture of a hen.

I kept thinking to myself streamline, keep things simple as that often is most successful and had the idea to incorporate a wine glass to the logo and work the feather into the design. I was also thinking that the wine glass shape also could echo the oval shape of an egg playing on the hen reference.

I created a vector illustration in Illustrator and experimented with various typeface combinations and managed to come up with a logo which I think works pretty well.

I tested out the logo in different colour combos, on a menu , mocked it up in front of a wine bar and on a uniform and think it manages to convey an element of sophistication. Originally I was thinking the yellow and red would be best given its a food/ drinks establishment and I thought the red would sort of convey that more than blue, but for some reason I’m quite attracted to the blue version.

The only doubts I had were that maybe the logo was too big overall – ie the wine glass is quite tall and distant from the actual wording. However, I think the text and the wine glass/ feather image could be used together but also could be separated for marketing/ advertising purposes.

I found this exercise pretty useful at developing my Illustrator skills and I think I’m starting to make better use of sketchbooks to trial ideas before taking them to Photoshop/Illustrator.

I also found it useful to look at other logos and think how they captured the essence of the brand, what fonts they selected and the use of image.

The concept of using negative cut out space and simple vectors rather than complex illustrations and seeking clever solutions to create a memorable logo is something I think I’ll enjoy learning more about/ experimenting with.  I used different variations of the typeface Playfair and Playfair Display and think all the combinations work however I prefer the version with all uppercase.

The French Hen mock 1.1

Idea 1 of having a feather under the lettering

The French Hen mock 1

Different lettering

The French Hen mock 1.3 The French Hen mock 1.2




chicken shape

Trying to represent a hen face with shapes which echo and egg ,and wing glass – like the idea but not sure its appropriate and quite there



Egg wine glass shape with feather


Text on different lines – don’t think this works as well


Different feather effects – created in illustrator – not sure it looks quite like a feather

FH no gradient effect FH6 fh4 fh3 FH2




Raised glass red version

Working the feather / glass in with the text . I think this looks a bit cluttered

French hen with clipping maskwhite text


French hen with backdroppurple

French hen with backdrop yellow red

French hen with backdrop bluejpg



french hen brasserie2

Glass imprint on the restaurant window glass and outdoor seating

french hen brasserie

Red colour way

French hen uniform 1

Classy black apron with logo

blue menupsd

Quite like the text/ logo against black

MENU Apronred Apron black and red menu

napkin 1

Napking design

Beer mat2

Beer mat side 2

Beer mat1

Beer mat main logo – preferred image could be used in different colour ways


After tutor report

My tutor suggested that the logo with the feather under it seemed to be working better than the wine glass image and on reflection I think the feather outcome is probably simpler and captures the element needed for the logo. The feather hints at the name and the type used looks quite French. I went back and added this logo to the sample menu etc and overally I think I’m happy that this fulfills the brief.

simpler french hen red menu



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