Researching the work of others – Catherine Casalino

I came across the work of graphic designer and Art Director Catherine Casalino in a Contemporary Graphics Book and thought that her work was worth looking at especially since her work includes a lot of book covers and editorial designs/layouts.

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I love how the image for “The Bitch posse” is positioned. A full page photograph would have had an entirely different effect.

Online images accessed April 2014

I came across this post, Accessed 28th February 2014, which details the stages she went through when designing/ shooting the cover for a book called “Procession of the Dead”.



From looking at her work above its really making me think about the huge variety of different ways to create interesting and unique covers. Some of her work includes illustrations (done by other people on many occasions), photographs, type.

I like how each cover tells us something perhaps about the tone of the book or is clever and intriguing.  The cover below I think is such a clever idea with the ring of the wine symbolising the conversation/ speech bubble.
I can definitely see how sketching and generating different ideas would be important in book design and also can imagine it would be crucial to read the book (or at least most of it!) before starting this process.

How to Talk About Wine Online Image Accessed 28th February 2014


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