18. Exercise – Magazine Pages

I decided to look at the layout of CN Traveller magazine. I’d had a look at various magazines like Dazed and Confused. Looking through the magazine at first glance it appears that there doesn’t appear to be any consistency in layout or fonts. Certainly on each page there are lots of fonts used, lots of different boxes, colours and styles. However on closer inspection there is some consistency and they seem to select different styles/ pages depending on the article. Page size is slightly unusual  a bit shorter than A4  28.5cm and slightly wider at 21.5cm (I found it hard to take exact measurements due to the extra but which goes into the spine of the magazine and has obviously been incorporated into the layout. Some pages are like this –  spread across two pages concentration of images on one page a section cut off often on another article on the same two page spread. I chose to recreate a two page spread using my own images and trying to replicate similar fonts. Typewriter font for subheader, script font for overall page article, unusual handwritten script for side article. I couldn’t find exactly the same fonts but tried to look for those with similar properties sourced from free font sites. I used GeoSans light for the Body font, Carbon Type (for the typewriter font) and a script font called Pea Here’s the Diehl for the Script “Good Health” title. The side bar article font I used was called Haiku’s Script v.08 and this was the one I had most difficulty selecting as it was hard to get it similar to the one in the original article.




Quite a busy spread but I like the use of white space on the right hand side page by not having the text to the top of the page and I like how colour blocks off the right hand different article section – think this looks like a good use of a golden ratio type design.

My version CN Spread

My version CN Spread

I then went on to replicate a one page spread in the magazine using again my own pictures. This one had even more variety of fonts but still followed the same sort of layout principles photos on top of text blocks with colour backgrounds. Sans serif font for body text. Drop caps used in at the beginning. I really like the format of the CN Traveller pages , they’re really interesting to look at busy but readable and vibrant.

Cn single page 1 Similar fonts to above but with addition of Pea Aleshia for the “Use your spoodle” and Jenna Sue for the word “Palma “. This is a case where  the two fonts per article rule haven’t really been adhered to, however you could class it as different mini articles on one page. I do actually think this works quite well as an article, the different fonts, colours and images hang together well yet theres a uniformity to the article.  The next part of the exercise involved selecting a title and to experiment with altering fonts and pictures to see how it impacts on the article in terms of readership and the overall feel. I wasn’t sure whether we had to experiment with the layout or keep it the same and merely alter the other aspects but decided to give both a go. I like the centered text at the bottom of the page it creates some white space . The words wrapped around the images also keeps everything neat. A lot of fonts but they seem to all work well together.

The next part involved developing the grid further coming up with different variations on a grid. I wasn’t sure whether we had to use the grids we had used before but I choose to select a title namely THE ICE QUEEN and develop different grids and articles.

What happens when alter the fonts/  images . Would readership be the same? WHich one works best and why? Use of white space

The Ice Queen – article about make up blues etc, article about ice skater, article about a women with her own icecream shop, article about ice cream in general I started by sketching out different magazine layout ideas. I looked through magazines and created a pinterst board with ideas as I went through this process.

Link to pinterest board  http://www.pinterest.com/lpatri11/layout/ Sketches of magazine layouts in different types of magazines little thumbnails found quite useful.




Questions as I was going along – how long is the article – do layouts usually start with what images should be included and how long the text should be or vice versa????? I then selected some images most of which were my own to include in the articles. Some of my holiday ice cream and winter markets pictures are now coming in handy, and thought about how these would fit in various layouts.

As I mentioned above I’m wondering about whether designers would normally start with images or would they source images once they had a layout idea? Anyway I did a bit of both really looking at my sketches and selection of images. I then tried out various ideas in Indesign – using Photoshop where needed to alter images. I really enjoyed this process and tried various fonts and headings – experimenting with backgrounds and colour. I also tried some unusual layouts with angled photos although I’m not sure how successful these ones are. I think that with the different images and text combinations there are many different reader groups and publications that these articles would fit well with. I’ve included some ideas below my layouts.

Below – Article on women who has set up icecream shops – her view on ice cream venues. Perhaps this could feature in like a travel guide or magazine like National Geographic

Ice Queen icecream article 2 coolvetica text

Coolvetica text, Trying article lead in and one image on left hand page. But would this be better with a bigger image. Mind you I like the white space which is important. The RHS page I’ve deliberately left more spacing to accomodate a pull out statement from the article

Ice Queen icecream sabon review style 2

Coolvetica header with Sabon used as the text. I’ve added colour against the headers in icecream shades. Think I prefer the readability of the Sans Serif text and quite like the clean layout.

Ice Queen icecream article1

Trying different fonts as headers

Article on ice skater – could this be in a supplement magazine perhaps of a Sunday paper or as part of a womens magazine like Red.

ice skater articleblu frankingothic2

I’ve used a full page image on the LHS page then with the article laid out in a question and answer style approach left aligned. Header on left page is script Jellyka Delicious. Franklin Gothic for body. Think this looks relatively neat

ice skater article

Trying different colour of font

ice skater articleblu frankingothic3

Franklin Gothic font

ice skater articleblu frankingothic3 headermoved

Taking the header onto the same page – does this make the layout neater? Does the image still look like it belongs with the article text? I think it still works.

ice skater articlebb petit header

Different header BB Petit Boy – think this works especially given the ornamentation on the text but I think I prefer the script style header

ice skater 2 frame coolevtica and berylium

Moving placement of header

ice skater 2 frame coolevtica and beryliumcentre header

Coolvetica and Berlyium as subheaders and article body. Move to two columns. Readability may be impaired due to the length of the lines. Think perhaps three columns worked better

ice skater 2 frame no questions 1

Two columns – story style . Looks quite plain and uninteresting

ice skater 2 frame no questions justified

Justified version of above. Looks neat but again does it look perhaps a bit uninteresting. Could someone be bothered to read it.To me it looks like hard work – I like the text broken down in readable sections

ice skater 2 frame no questions justified 2

Adding more details

ice skater 2 frame no questions justified OFFSET3

Justified – off centre text placement with white space surrounding the article. I think this is easier on the eye

ice skater 2 frame no questions justified FINAL

Adding a text block with a quote from the article. I think this adds some interest makes it more appealing.

Short story about a women who is a fabulous ice skater – perhaps this could be in a Sunday supplement or womens magazine. However , just looking back over this would this be better with a illustration rather than a photography. Perhaps the photograph version could be more a real life account of a women ice skater.


Birmingham header and sans serif style lettering for body content. Large image extending two pages.


Geo sans body text which is quite light. Blue backdrop to text

ICE SKATING ICE QUEEgeosans body gillsans header

Geo sans body with fill sans header. Not sure about the blank space between image and text on RHS page.

The Ice Queen skating Crimson and Glamour

Glamour text, Crimson main body. Lots of white apace but perhaps too much.

ICE SKATING ICE QUEEbaskerville and geo light

Baskerville and Geo light text

ICE SKATING ICE QUEEbb petit header and baskerville

BB Petit Header with Baskerville . On white rather than blue. Inclusion of coloured text box – but feel this maybe looks a bit lost

Article about a women who gelato / ice cream van owner – revolutionizing ice cream – ie she is the Ice Cream Queen ! An article in a womens magazine – maybe like Red or Stylist.

Ice queen lady withbodoni and sabon

Bodoni MT and Sabon text. Images on both sides a mix of B&W and colour images to emphasis retro vintage appeal. Text wrapped round images. Looks relatively readable. Think this works the best

Ice queen lady with images at side

Gill sans shadow article header – text boxes same size LHS page – but do the RHS ones look a little disjoined

Another attempt at a story about a women ice skater. Quirkier angles considering the effectiveness of this.

Carbon type

Carbon type – images placed in unusual angled frames and following lines of text. Column width on RHS page longer than two columns on opposite page.

AC big serif blue

AC big serif blue header

the ice queen unusual white ac serif

White AC Serif text as header

I’d be interested on my tutors option on my experiments but I actually quite like the unusual angle style grids with the text wrapped around them. I think layout and the usage of white spaces is really important and I’m sure that with time and experimentation my ability to know what works and what doesn’t will improve. Sometimes I do think simple can be most effective and I’m keen to continue looking at layouts in various publications to see their suitability and usage and to give me more ideas! The use of images and text in my experiments can really alter the overall feel of the article and these can be changed to suit the intended readership and publication or the message of the article as I’ve discussed above.


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