17. Hierarchy

This exercise asked us to create three different pages for different publications selecting appropriate typefaces for the headings and sub headings.

I started with the interview with a TV actor in a listings magazine.  I decided to make this into a sort of question and answer session with an actor about a storyline and created headings accordingly.

I did some research into various listing mag formats and looked at the type and layout. Some comments and observations are below the articles.

mag interview tv actor examples

For the computer magazine page I again researched some PC mag reviews and found that a lot a fairly simply laid out with very simple to read serif or sans serif fonts. Most tend to be left aligned and as the articles don’t tend to be that long there seems to be a good amount of leading between each line to aid the layout and readability. Articles displayed the name of the product, some had a brief sub header which either gave an overall opinion or raised questions to be explored in the article.

computer mag

Moving on to the book review in a weekend supplement I had a look at the format of some book reviews. Many feature a small image of the book but from the ones I looked at most were spread out over a few columns, sub headings and headings were in different colours / fonts or sizes and there tended to be a use of serif and sans serif fonts within the same article. Headers tended to tell something about the theme of the book and then the publication of the book and author details etc were also stated.

book review

I then moved on to create my own articles for each of publications, using a variety of font combinations, different alignments and layouts.

For the TV actor interview in a listing magazine. From looking at my research materials I thought that a lot of these tend to have quite large and bold headlines and a photograph usually accompanies the article.

tv listing 1

Example 1 Century schoolbook, bold caps – serif 36pt, sub header Minion Pro Italics – Serif 18pt, Main back to Century Schoolbook size 12 , Question sub headers – bold Century Schoolbook, 2 columns left aligned.

I stuck with century schoolbook for the majority of this example apart from the 2nd subheader which is in sans and italics. I think the differentiation in sizes and the bold and italics provides enough distinction between each but it does look a little uninspiring.

tv listing 2

Example 2 – I added a picture to this layout example as a lot of tv listings would have a photograph accompanying the article. I went for Bell MT  a serif header in size 38pt for the header then changed to san serif namely cailbri tight for the lead in , in size 15pt. I then went back to Bell MT in size 12 and left aligned the article. The layout and left alignment make this more appealing to the eye but I think the serif selection maybe is a bit old fashioned.

tv listing 3indd

Example 3 – Header in Pink Franklin Gothic Demi size 40pt sans serif looks a bit more modern I think. Contrasted with serif Merriweather bold. 3 columns drop cap intro. The main body is Merriweather again which I think looks quite modern for being a serif font although it suitability would depend upon the publication.

Computer magazine – article – from looking at some samples most seem to have really bold text accompanied by a picture of the product. Clean layout very readable.

Computer mag 1

Example 1 – I decided to go with all sans serif as a lot of computer magazines tend to be quite utilitarian in appearance. Ferngardo Neue – size 35pt. The lead in sub header was size 13pt.  I then chose another sans serif namely Corbel. I went with the Italic version size 13pt for the headers and for the regular for the main body text. Overall I quite like this version it looks quite clean and readable.

COMPUER MAG 2Example 2 – The header has a high contrast of thick to thin lines it looks quite computer like as per the magazine type – Britannic bold sixe 27pt. I used 3 columns fully justified. Main body Chaparral pro – serif font size 12. Headers bold capitals fully justified.

Computer mag 3jpg

Example 3 is Copperplate gothic bold 32pt serif. Then main body is sans serif segoe ue size 12pt, headers are in the bold italic version of this. Three columns left aligned .I don’t think the header font works particularly well for a computer magazine although the body text is quite readable .

Book magazine review in weekend supplement of newspaper

book review 1

Book Review Example 1 – Header KG Why you gotta be so mean – an unusual font name! I quite like this font looks modern  letters are quite long. Change to sans serif Merriweather for the remainder with contrasts in size and bold etc. Think this looks quite strong good contrasts clean to read.

Book review 2

Book example 2 – Header in Crimson Text a serif font size 37pt. Intro to book sans light and medium and italics variations. Main body crimson text left aligned drop caps unjustified.

Book review 2- justified

As above but justified which I think neatens the whole thing up a bit.

Book example 3

Example 3 – Header sans serif Fernardo Neue size 42pt . Header is size 42pt, opening lead in is calibri size 13pt bold then cailbri regular for the main body text. 1st example above is justified, the one below is unjustified.

Book example 3justified

Overall this was a really good exercise to practise my type combinations but also in getting more comfortable working with InDesign. Its really interesting how different combinations of fonts, leading, alignment etc can alter the feel of a article and I think in most instances its probably better to try use contrasting fonts in one article and limit this to two only using italics, bold and sizing to differentiate the headers/ sub headers. I really enjoyed seeking out new fonts, looking at font choice in publications and I hope to improve my ability to select interesting and appropriate typefaces.


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