Graphic Designers

Philippe Aperloig  Minimal expression adding non functional elements

Celebrating the Poster
Eastern Kentucky University
Affiche, 118 x 175cm

Yomar Augusto

yomar augusto is a typographic artist and graphic designer from brazil and based in new york city.
born in brasilia and raised in rio de janeiro, yomar initially trained as a graphic designer
before going on to study photography at the school of visual arts in new york city in 2001.

he then started his own studio in rio before completing a masters in type design at the royal
academy of art in the hague, the netherlands. yomar then spent eight years living in the
netherlands and working in type, design and art, in both commercial and educational sectors.

yomar has also presented commercial and conceptual projects with solo exhibitions in asia,
europe, north & south america.

yomar also taught typography for advertising at the willem de kooning academy in rotterdam
between 2011 and 2012 and at the bauhaus university in weimar, germany. he has also held a
number of experimental calligraphy and book art workshops in many countries, including brazil,
united states, russia, turkey, china, denmark, spain, portugal, germany and the netherlands.


Yomar AugustoYOMAR Augusto  I want to be Nadar  Indian ink and calligraphy inks on digital print / paper, pens, 16х24 cm, 2007-2008


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