15. If the face fits exercise

I’ve always had a real interest in collecting different fonts and frequently download new ones from sites including Myfont and Dafont although tend to go for those which are free! For this exercise I read through the brief and the commissions and then set upon gathering a selection of fonts – serif, sans serif, script and decorative which I thought might be suitable. I collated some of them as seen below ( I have loads more in my computer!)

font book2

I’ve been looking into type and fonts and think that its better to try stick to one or two fonts in a piece if possible and that combining serif and sans serif also strikes a good contrast.

Afterschool poster boys1

Font used to start off with makes the poster look sort of moody and teenager like!

I started with the poster to advertise an after school club for teenagers which was going to be A3. I was thinking of trying to make it look like one of the kids had written the poster which might draw more attention – so decided to try the questions in a handwritten style of font.

Belta bold is used here to start then switching to bernard mt condensed and finally CF story. In this instance I thought I’d try having three fonts on the go as the information seemed to divide itself into three sections. The opener to draw attention – the main info should be more formal and readable and lastly additional info to entice people to come along. I’m not sure these all work together. I think the first and last font are too similar to be used in the same piece. It would probably have been better just to use a different size or weight of the first font.

Afterschool poster boys3


I thought this slant font called Snickles looked quite cheeky almost like teenage boys so I started with it for the main header. I then added CF Jack Story as its very readable for the main info and finally switched to Comiczine to give more info. Again I’m not entirely convinced they all work together. I like the first two fonts together but don’t think the Comiczine is particularly compelled or pleasing.






Afterschool poster boys2

The next example I used Serifshadow with Kenzo a nice sans serif font and then a more type like font which I though reinforced the games being offered called Gothic Standard. I think the selection of what examples and fonts would however have to also depend on what other elements were in the poster eg pictures and colour. Perhaps cutting back to two fonts only might make for a more effective poster.

Moving on to the engagement invite I was thinking something decorative and classy perhaps some script combined with maybe some serif fonts.


All Viner hand – not so sure about this font – tried just using different sizes of the same font. I like the idea of using a script but don’t think this is quite right.


I’ve used Jelka Delicious for the header – I like the flourishes and script then used a font called Glamor for the main info . I quite like the contrast and think the thick and thin strokes and serifs on the Glamour font are quite elegant and appropriate for the occasion.


Deco retro text sort of reminds me of vintage invites

I decided to try a font called Birmingham which is all caps and is what I would class as a sort of decorative serif font. I like the swirls on the end of the letters and the wide lettering. Again, this looks sort of art deco like and retro. I then used a Lucinda Bright for the rest of the invite which is more readable for longer areas of text yet does provide some contrast with the Birmingham.


Lastly, I tried a font I quite like which is very decorative called Rosewood which looks quite vintage and reminds me slightly or like a western or of a circus type font. I kept the main info in the lucinda bright I used before. I think this one and the previous two would all be quite appropriate for the invite as they look quite elegant and special and from looking at wedding invites I think that calligraphy styles and especially modern calligraphy are commonly used.

Parish mag1

For the parish invite I was thinking the notice would be read by people who were perhaps slightly older so wanted it to be quite refined. I used a font called LT Zapfino for the main header as I think it looks quite elegant and it sort of echoed the word flourish in the text with the flowing descenders and tall letters. It sort of reminded my of flower arranging. Then for the main info I used Kokeila a serif font which does contrast and is readable.

Parish mag3

I then tried a calligraphy font with a Microsoft Sans Serif . I thought the sans serif perhaps showed the importance of the task whereas the softer style of the lettering may attract attention as it looks quite artistic. I used contrasting colours in this one to experiment and think about other elements which can impact what fonts are selected namely colour, sizing and positioning.

Short womens story1

For the women’s short story I thought that I’d try to select a feminine style font to appeal to women as though it almost looks like the women is telling / writing her own story and hopefully this will compel the reader to read the story. I chose Last Kings Quest for the heading and then Garamond for the body which I thought was quite readable due to the serifs.

Short womens story2

Modern No 2 as header – serif very readable – quite safe.Short womens story3

I used an all caps font for this one Langdon which makes the article appear more aggressive and a bit more full on. I can imagine this maybe being appropriate for a womens magazine like Cosmopolitan.

Short womens story4This one looks more old fashioned with the Glamor font used it almost makes me think the article would have been written about something which happened years ago as it lends a vintage feel. The Footlight MT light body text is readable perhaps more so than the Garamond I tried earlier due to the higher letter height.

Overall this was an interesting article and just really made me think about how important it is to try select the most appropriate font based on the context and purpose its being used for. Selecting different fonts can really alter the meaning and feel of a project and from my experience so far there are many fonts which would work for each purpose.  I like the contrast of using sans serif and serif fonts and think that some of the more decorative fonts should be used with caution and just perhaps as a header. I think that colour, positioning of text , sizing and layout all play a huge part in the process so font selection and suitability will also be based on consideration of these elements in the overall design.


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