Skillshare course – The first steps in Hand-lettering

Type I like

Type I like

I came across a site which offers various creative classes and decided to give one of them a go. I’ve always loved calligraphy and hand lettering which obviously is much less precise than calligraphy so signed up to the First Steps in Hand Lettering Course taught by Mary Kate McDevitt. The course includes easy to follow steps to hand letter your own quote or  phrase. The first step was researching lettering for inspiration. My boards are shown above and below. I came up with the phrase “What’s for you won’t go by you” a phrase which my mum used to say to me quite frequently.

A link to my project and the stages I went through can be found here


 Inspiration boards
Inspiration boards

I went through the various stages starting with trying out different letter styles, looking at what words I wanted to emphasise, thinking about composition and fitting the words together and drawing out various layouts.

I really found that my work improved as I went through the process and I found it really useful to look at my inspiration boards and traditional lettering as I went through the process.

I would say though that I had so many different ideas and styles of lettering but found a few of the course tips pretty useful including that shorter words look better in non- script fonts and that when placing items on a slope or curve is important to keep them upright so they don’t look like they’re tipping.

The course wasn’t really focused on colour or digitising your work this is covered in a further tutorial but I decided to have a go with Illustrator anyway which was pretty interested and allowed me to come up with varoius colour combinations after mastering or trying to master image trace and live paint! I do think I might do the proper course on this for future reference.

I got some good feedback from the course tutor but I thought she was correct in saying that some of my final lettering on the final inked version is a little light and the previous version with the slightly bolder text might be worth revising. I inked out this version adding a few more details and trying to refine as much as possible and do think this new version does look a bit stronger. I’m pretty busy at the moment with various projects and work but hopefully will try a colour version in the coming weeks.

bigger getting there.


colour whats for you3

bigger getting there.

Refined text bolder


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