Vernacular typography

To be honest I wasn’t entirely sure what Vernacular typography was or involved but quickly took it to represent type that’s present in everyday occurrences/ locations whether that be on signs, advertisements and really any other day to day occurrences of type.

I decided to have a go at some vernacular typography photography (now there’s a mouthful!) taking some photos of signage in and around various locations and in particular Glasgow. I also did some internet searching and came up with different examples of vernacular typography that really appealed to me.

I’ll continue to update this page with various examples of my own and others vernacular typography. With this type of work I was thinking how important is the actual quality of the photograph? What should be included ? All of the text or just part of it? Should the text be in some sort of context or background. I guess theres no right or wrong to any of these questions but I do find the concept of vernacular typography and documenting this through photography really interesting.

My own images

Found images

Vernacular Territory (great urban typography blog)

Ghost lettering on old building

Ghost signs

No shirt, no shoes no problem - no Scottish blood, NO PARKING

Very funny – great example of humour in typography

TRAIN TO ALWAYS - Vernacular Typography

Love the colours and graphite type effect

Vernacular Typography Coney Island Storefront

Vernacular Typography Coney Island Nathan's Neon Sign

Very iconic signage like the lettering


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