14. A typographic jigsaw puzzle

This exercise which was designed to make us look more closely at typefaces involved using deconstructed typeface to make up the common pangram – “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”

I started by drawing my baseline as suggested then determining the x height by identifying a whole letter.

This exercise was harder than it looked and I found that I kept referring to the sentence as it was displayed in the notes to look at the various serifs whether they were to the right or the left etc. I think I managed to use all of the serifs/ parts but did find that I certain parts looked very similar for example those for the downward slant of a V or W.

Doing this exercise has made me analyse fonts a lot closer. Some fonts which I would previously had thought to be quite similar are in fact differentiated by subtleties in serifs , sizes, position etc.

I actually asked my tutor about how fonts are constructed on the computer for graphical use or other and did some research looking at different packages available such as Font Lab Studio. These programmes are apparently quite difficult to use and expensive so he suggested I have a go with FontStruct which allows you to use different blocks to construct an alphabet/ letters. I’m going to have a go and will post these in due course.


I went round each of the deconstructed serifs/ parts and pieced them together

illustrator version

A very rough illustrator live trace experiment trying to work out how to use it to colour handdrawn text – more experiments – hopefully better to follow!


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