9. Seeing the light

For this exercise we were asked to experiment with the placement of three pieces of info – a lightbulb image, the word “Lightbulb” and a coloured block to explore visual dynamics.

I started with some thumbnail sketches thinking about the composition and placement of the items to create different emphasises and contrasts.



I then moved to Photoshop and experimented with different combinations. I was trying to manipulate the boundaries of the brief by altering the size of the coloured block and using both horizontal and vertical text. I tried overlapping the objects, having large areas of white space, connecting the items in some ways and experimented with diagonal and asymmetric lines.

Its amazing how many combinations you can come up with using just three elements and I particularly think that overlapping them created the most depth and interest – yet I can see how having white space also gives the compositions different meanings. I actually felt it quite useful to do this exercise as often I am overwhelmed by the different things I could try for each project and the amount of different ways to fulfill a brief/ project.


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