8. Signs and Symbols

I began this exercise in my sketchbook and decided to focus on two of the words namely “Love” and “Here”

Brainstorming some ideas for each I created some spider diagram maps for each.

I decided to sketch out ideas and looked at some traditional / common symbols used for each of the words.




I initially thought “Here” would be more difficult but found I came up with a few options. Typical “Here” symbols include arrows and marker points. I had the idea that a target almost like a dart board effect could be used. I then began to think about a light shining whether from a house or building, paths and footsteps mapping out a journey, cluedo pieces chess pieces and the idea of a beacon or lighthouse to mark a point. Colour wise I played with some different combinations and liked the idea of having purple and yellow which work well complimenting each other with yellow being the guiding light.

I went with the lighthouse idea and experimented in illustrator and photoshop with some ideas. I think the suitability of these symbols for “Here” would really depend upon the circumstance/ occasion.

For love the typical symbols are the heart, rose, dove and the colour red. I began to think of love being between two entities coming together and thought about twisting swirls, vines or the sort of mother and child like pose.

I mapped out some ideas in my sketchbooks and worked with some swirls and colours in Photoshop. I think Love was a much harder concept to represent as automatically my instincts kept wanting to draw heart like shapes.


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