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Over the years doing various courses at uni and in my free time I’ve kept a scrapbooks and visual diaries and was quite looking forward to actively making a point of gathering information again. I’ve decided to use this post to share images which I like and will also keep a scrap/sketch book and take photos of things which I find interesting/ inspiring. What's UP? by NaBHaN Online image accessed 13th October  Nabhan Abdullatif also known as “NaBhan Adrian McMurchie print!product/prd1/812164401/i-belong-to-glasgow- Bruno Munari Online Image Accessed 16th October 2013 Creative Director: Joaquín Martínez de Salas Graphic Design: Alberto Pérez, David Racchi GOOD FOOD by Joaquín Martínez de Salas, via Behance Online images Accessed via Charlotte Bracegirdle appropriates artworks by other artists or photographers, often in postcard form, and paints on them in oil to turn them into entirely different images. In a striking new body of work, she has reinvented a series of photographs of Penguin authors. Need to get this book  Disney posters Really interesting way of altering old photos Nick Strong photographer get creative. think outside the box. use your artistic license. realize the possibilities are endless. have fun. Really like the interesting angles and humour in these images.          Themes emerging ? What do I look at first – how does my eye travel around image – how is contrast achieved. Infographics infographic book design inspiration infographic book design inspiration Concept Packaging Rebrands Printer Ink As Chanel Perfume [Pics]Celeste-Watson-HP-printer-ink-packages-4 Melbourne-based design student Celeste Watson redesigned the packaging for Hewlett Packard’s printer cartridges in the same style as the iconic luxury product, Chanel No. 5 perfume. I think this is a really clever idea I like the clean and simple fonts and the white box with coloured borders to reflect the printer cartridge. Online image accessed via  dori 4dori 10 Street Art made out of the product – great idea! New childrens clothing brand. Really like the simple logo and the colour contrasts with the grey and green. The lightning bolt device has been used online, in print and on packaging and labels. “We wanted to create an immediately recognisable symbol – the bolt can be embossed, foiled, filled or just an outline,” explains Freytag. Acid green was chosen to reflect the brand’s environmental credentials; and business cards and stationery were printed by Glasgow Letterpress on FSC accredited papers We were keen to keep the look quite lo-fi and honest because there are a lot of brands out there that claim to do what The Fableists does, and people are often quite cynical when they hear about a new one,” he says. “We were also keen to do things differently, so we broke grid lines, coupled the green with contrasting greys and white and used a robust typeface [T Star Pro]. It looked quite jarring at first – quite reckless – but I think it works,” he adds.

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Artist Tom Hovey image online from

Really like the interesting perspectives  geometric illustrations from carefully-crafted 3D paper-scapes.

juicy mail 7juicy mail 6

juicy mail 4juicy mail 3

Envelopes peel like real fruit

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Typographic posters for Feelunique celebrating individuality

Love Rob Ryan – paper cuttings


Audrey HepburnWSC

Digitally colourised versions of old photographs

Interesting article on the move of graphic design publications from traditional book formats to “products.” Paper-based creations, gifts, and new formats are appearing on shelves where books sit. Anthony Burrill – Graphic artist, print-maker, and designer, famous for his persuasive form of communication. His most renowned works (plus a couple new ones) have been collected together and, as of last week, published within a book, I Like It. What Is It? The book can be taken apart and the pieces used as works of art. I like the use of type and simple graphics.

Burrill-Book-10Burrill-Book-9 Accessed 12th November 2013

Thank You For Loving Me CardBe Yourself Card

Really quirky cards – simple graphics/ typography for everyday sentiments – humorous

doodles with everyday objects javier perez (9)doodles with everyday objects javier perez (3)

doodles with everyday objects javier perez (1)doodles with everyday objects javier perez (17)

Playful doodles that incorporate everday life by Javier Pérez (cintascotch) Accessed 21st November 2013

lego imagination ad (2)lego imagination ad (3)

Artwork by Blattner Brunner

lego artworks of famous paintings (2)

Artwork by  Marco Soadno

The power of lego – associations Online images accessed 9th December 2013


Really interesting photographs of London market life based on collage and still lifes.


Price Label Gift Wrap : Daniel Eatock

daniel eatcock

yomar augusto

James Goggin

Angus Hyland

alphabet carved into crayons by diem chau (10)

The Northwest Natives Alphabet Set by Diem Chau is an incredible collection of 52 individually carved crayons representing every letter of the alphabet along with an associated word starting with each letter.

Abstract Kellogg's Corn Flakes box



alphabeard 1

Type created from a guys beard!!wNgzt


John Morgan – a bit like some of the work I came across during Photomontage.  The prolific designer, who undertook a wholesale redesign of the publication back in September 2013, has just commissioned these striking cover images that white out the faces of typically stylised head shots to introduce an issue that deals with the unknown artists of the future. The concept and execution are all top notch, and it’s exciting to see a publication with such pedigree embrace an experimental cover that will undoubtedly set it apart on the newsstands.




Desks as letters really effective 5




It’s Nice That 2014 Thing#13: An Assortment of architectural offities, inriguing interviews and forgotten worlds [Accessed 23rd May 2014]



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