Point of Display

I started this exercise by identifying in my sketchbook what the brief asked

– posters A1 for greengrocer

– to attract passers by

– be recognizable

– situated in an affluent area – school kids and parents passing store each day

I decided I would need to research the following:

try different ways of illustrating food, look into food illustration – different ways of illustrating food, other signs in greengrocers, experiment with graphics Photoshop etc, would any wording be needed ?  – how to attract attention?

I went to my local greengrocers but they didn’t have any posters of images and really seemed to rely on the produce to sell itself.

Some internet searching turned up a few results.

Online image available from : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1c/Bocas_del_Toro_greengrocer.jpg , Accessed 8th September 2013

I put together some mood boards with pictures of food and some graphical representations which I found interesting.

I also looked at different types of food illustrations and looked at the work of different illustrators including  and Lucie Prache and Georgina Luck.

Online image accessed 24th September 2013 http://luciles-kitchen.blogspot.co.uk/

Online image accessed 24th September 2013 http://www.georginaluck.com/Momo-s-Meals

In my illustration course there was a very similar assignment and I began to think again about the different ways to illustrate food and the mediums to use. I experimenting using watercolour, crayons, pen and ink – trying some more realistic and detailed pieces and others more abstract shapes. I also tried some simple linear drawings then added colour and texture with illustrator/ Photoshop.

A few things that were springing to my mind as I worked

5 a day fruit and veg – appropriate for families and kids going to school

Fruit and veg as healthy snacks – snack packs segments of fruit, lunchbox idea

Fruit and veg as part of healthy meals at home – eg parents picking up fresh veg for the dinner on way home/ to school

Fruit for health/ energy – bright colours etc health attract attention

Words that may be appropriate – fresh, fruity, health, energy, tasty, organic, crunchy , five a day,

I decided to also experiment taking some pictures of fruit and veg but quickly found its very hard to make fruit and veg look particularly appetizing unless its probably styled!

WIth my body of illustrations and photos I thought about composition and set out some ideas in my sketchbook and began to experiment in Photoshop. I tried different background effects trying to make the fruit/ veg as bright as possible and considered words which would be appropriate. I tried some repeat type patterns, played with filters to create different effects all the time trying to bear in mind I wanted the fruit to look tasty and that the poster would be viewed from a distance.

I think a number of my designs work quite well as potential solutions to the brief.  I’ve outlined some thoughts below my experiments.

The pieces which I think are most successful are shown below. Overall I enjoyed this assignment but think in a project like this it would probably have been good to get feedback along the way from the client/ greengrocer into which pieces they thought most successful as I felt there were a number of potential solutions to the brief. I think my selections would be appropriate in that they are bright, bold and would be viewed from a distance well. The produce looks realistic / is identifiable yet I thought that in a greengrocers where there is an abundance of  stock that a simple photo of the fruit wouldn’t really stand out so selected some stylised illustrations which I think work quite well.

Some of my repeat pattern ideas and watercolour paintings may also have worked as final pieces but I think the selection below is most appropriate.

Think this is bold, would stand out

Think this is bold, would stand out

simple backdrop fruit stands out

simple backdrop fruit stands out

Veg box idea think the veg stand out quite modern looking

Veg box idea think the veg stand out quite modern looking


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