Visualising your ideas

This exercise asked us to explore the different ways to fold paper to make a leaflet.

I choose to design a leaflet for a school who are looking for regular volunteers to bake for charity teas.

I began to sketch some ideas in my sketchbook thinking about the different folds and formats the leaflet could take. I then moved to start folding the paper – I chose A4 and tried different variations. After this I looked at how the information and the 4 chunks of info could be split across the sections thinking that including some photos would add interest and support the text.

I then began to think what would make the leaflet enticing to pick up and generate interest. I looked at traditional display methods and did some internet searching and looked at how leaflets were displayed in my local supermarket on racks, twirling displays etc.

I think sometimes leaflets in these sorts of displays can be easily overlooked so was trying to thing out the box. Often leaflets sent in the post can be quite overlooked and in my experience end up in the rubbish. Likewise leaflets handed out can be quite easily discarded so I was thinking about what would make someone want to pick it up.

I considered some unusual leaflet shapes and styles and thought that perhaps having something in an unusual shape or display would be interesting.

I then tried to make an origami style cake which didn’t really work and I thought this would be too difficult to reproduce in multiple leaflet format.

I thought then that perhaps for this purpose having the display reflect what the leaflet was promoting would perhaps tempt people. I made a mock up of a cupcake style display stand for the leaflets to go in and think this might be quite appealing. Perhaps you could even have some sweets nearby the display. I was thinking that the display could be put in local shops and at the schools reception areas.

I also tried an origami style object (which used to be a game I played when I was younger) and was thinking something folded small which has multiple sections to open out can be quite interesting

I then considered as it was a bake sale having all the leaflets displayed as a cake something like this.

Online Images Accessed 21st August 2013

However that looks pretty complex!

I quite enjoyed this exercise and liked getting my ideas across by using a combination of sketchbook work, photography and mock ups. I had lots of ideas in my head but found the process of narrowing down alternatives effective by brainstorming as I went along creating sketches, mock ups and taking photos. I like the speed that ideas can be captured on camera which means you don’t always need to draw something but also liked working in small thumbnails.

I think for future assignments, photography in particular is a good way of capturing things which inspire and could be used in future projects and I’m going to make more of a conscious effort to carry my camera with me.


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