Researching the work of John Stezaker and Alma Haser

Again my tutor directed me to look at the work of British artist John Stezaker. Stezaker creates collages from found images in books, magazines and old postcards and combines them by cutting and slicing different sections together. I think his work is really witty and humourous yet I think sometimes there is a quite disturbing feeling behind his work. In the image below I like how hes cleverly replaced the kissing couples features with a waterfall

Online image Accessed 19th August 2013

His work has also got me really thinking about collecting and finding images and I think I might start to create a bank of interesting images which I can potentially use in future projects or just those that appeal for their own sake.

Another artist I came across is the work of Alma Haser.


Online Image Accessed 19th August 2013

Alma makes her portrait shots more interesting and compelling by taking the picture then making multiple copies of the image and folding the prints into a origami style shape and placing it in front of the characters face then re-photographs the entire pose. Her work really makes me want to question the people behind the images – whats their story?, why has she shot them like that. Her images to me are quite futuristic and the people become almost alien like / eerie. The shot below with the young child is particularly disturbing yet the smile on the womans face contrasts with the distorted child.



I like the idea of paper folding/ origami and think I’d definitely like to explore some collage in my images in the future. Its also made me think about combining collage and photographs with illustrations?



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