Researching the work of – John Hinde

I was directed to the work of John Hinde by my tutor after my first postcards assignment. I must admit I hadn’t heard of him before but in looking at some of his work I think I recognise some of the images. He was famous for his almost kitsch, colour images particular in the 1960s and 1970s sold through John Hinde Ltd.

The cards have since become collectors’ items and fans include the photographer Martin Parr and designer Wayne Hemingway, who are evangelical about the technical innovation and historical value of these once-throwaway
holiday souvenirs. An exhibition of his work is being held at the moment in The Photographers Gallery.

The postcards were predominately sold in seaside towns featuring images including seaside , fairgrounds and other traditional British holiday scenes.

I particularly like this image below

Psychedelic: A rare nighttime photograph highlights the neon colours of a the funfair in great Yarmouth, giving the photograph a dynamic feel

Online image accessed 19th August 2013

John Hinde, On the road to Keem Strand, Achill Island, Co, Ireland

Initially when I looked at the images they had an almost Enid Blyton feel to them and I wasn’t sure they weren’t Photoshop enhanced as the scenes looked so colourful and vibrant.


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